The low down on Hypno-fertility

The more you ‘try’ to conceive, the more anxious and stressed you become. Time slows down and each cycle feels ten times longer than before.  The possibility of conceiving consumes your thoughts and you struggle to focus on everyday living. Suddenly you see pregnant women everywhere that you go and you may catch yourself daydreaming about prams or pregnancy yoga.  In the beginning you will quite happily tell yourself that you will let nature take it’s course and it will happen when it will happen. You feel excited and hopeful with your partner and truly believe that the magic has happened…and then your period arrives and the pressure starts to build.  Suddenly you are on every app, tracking body temperature and googling early ovulation signs, ovulation signs and post ovulation signs….you get the picture.  Sex becomes functional and scheduled, the 14 day wait is excruciatingly slow and the googling continues only this time it is ‘early signs of pregnancy’ or ‘have my nipples changed?’….and then your period arrives and the hope is shattered once again. Many couples will continue in this cycle for months or years before exploring fertility support, feelings of disappointment, self-blame and anxiety all too high.  When the medical investigations begin and you are poked, scanned, tested, and prescribed it is even harder not to become obsessed by the process.

I apologise for the bleak picture that I paint but sadly this is all too common for couples with 1 in 7 in the UK struggling to conceive naturally.

So how can I help?

Stress and anxiety release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol from the brain into the body. Too much can make it more difficult to conceive because they affect the part of your brain that controls other crucial hormones.  Essentially stress hormones and sex hormones compete.

When we are relaxed in hypnosis the brain produces endorphins which helps restore hormone balance, regulate the nervous system and promote a healthy immune system

Hypnotherapy for fertility will not only tackle stress and anxiety but many deep-rooted feelings that may affect our ability to conceive.  The mind-body connection is so strong that key systems like the reproductive organs can become healthy, stronger and more efficient through carefully planned visualisation and suggestion.  If you have never visualised a follicle in the ovaries developing a strong viable egg then I more than recommend giving it a try!

Every course of hypno-fertility is created exclusively for you and your needs, I have never delivered the same session twice and this is a crucial part of the service. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to what you need.

To find out more you can contact me confidentially here or give me a call on 07930 830130 for an informal chat.