Pregnant Again? How to avoid the 2nd pregnancy woes.

You’ve found out that you are pregnant again!

After the joy and excitement of such lovely news it dawns on you that pregnancy 2nd time around is not quite the exciting journey of discovery that you remember from your first experience. Pregnancy with a toddler or pre-schooler is full-on! Whereas once you would have taken a nap after work to ease the tiredness, now there is bath and bedtime routines to enjoy. As for checking your daily pregnancy app well that is a luxury that time does not allow! Before you know it you are heading towards your due date and birth and there has been no pregnancy diary, photos, massage, or pre baby holiday, and maternity leave definitely has a whole different meaning.

There is a common perception that pregnancy should be all roses and happiness but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes we feel down and don’t really know why. We feel guilty that we are not giving the new baby enough time and attention. We feel frustrated that time is not in our control. We feel scared that birth is edging ever closer and ill prepared for what that may bring.

When I was expecting my 2nd child I started to feel worried that I wasn’t enjoying my pregnancy anywhere near as much as I should be. I was low risk and my baby was developing well so why wasn’t I brimming with joy every minute of the day? At 25wks I arranged to see my Hypnobirthing Teacher who had mentored me during my first pregnancy and explained how I was feeling. “ENDORPHINS!” she said to me (in a slightly more relaxing tone) and immediately I knew what she meant. Hypnobirthing second time around is not just about preparing for your labour and birth again but about giving yourself time to take stock, hit pause and bring relaxation back into your life. If we don’t have endorphins in our bodies we don’t feel good. If we don’t feel good then we stop thriving and just carry on. Life is good but with endorphins life can be great! Of course, not only do you get the endorphins but so does your baby. So you can forget about feeling guilty that you are not giving your baby enough attention…..your hormones do that job for you

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Leonie Darch is a Antenatal Teacher and Hypnotherapist and owner of Happy Healthy Babies Hypnobirthing Warwickshire.  Happy Healthy Babies is a company specialising in Hypnobirthing courses and pregnancy mentoring. A pregnancy and birth expert able to support and advise on all aspects of birth.