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Because it starts at the very beginning

Do you remember that feeling of seeing the two blues lines on the pregnancy test? Shock? Joy? Disbelief? Happiness?

Finding out you are pregnant is one of life’s moments that we remember forever, there is no right way to experience it as we all have different stories that get us to that point.

Whatever your back story is, we know that the transition to parenthood starts at that very moment.

The support that you have during pregnancy will shape this journey for you and help you to feel positive, relaxed and resilient as your pregnancy progresses.

Your step by step pregnancy with Birthology

  • During the 1st trimester the physical side of pregnancy can feel strange while your body adjusts to this new world. If you experience morning sickness then hypnotherapy can help to relieve the feeling and gain more energy or perhaps you would like to feel less anxious during the 12 week wait. Hypnotherapy in pregnancy is a safe and effective way to address both physical and emotional symptoms.

Hypnotherapy in Pregnancy

15 min pregnancy call

  • As your pregnancy progresses you will encounter new information every day and this brings questions. Our Antenatal Know-How sessions will answer those questions and more in a one hour private Q&A just for you.

Antenatal Know-How

15 min pregnancy call

  • In your second trimester it is important to focus on your wellbeing and how you are feeling.  Your emotions are constantly changing during pregnancy and this can feel unpredictable.  I clearly remember crying over a chinese takeaway at 20 weeks!  By finding time to prioritise your mental wellbeing you are laying the foundations for birth preparation and becoming a mum.  When you feel happy and relaxed your baby does too! Learning real techniques to control stress, feel calm, in control and ready for the next step on your journey with our Mindful Mum course.  The perfect precursor to hypnobirthing.

Before Birth Mindfiul Mum

15 min pregnancy call

  • Reaching your 3rd trimester is a massive milestone – you are almost there! This is when you and your birth partner can start to think about your birth experience and prepare well with hypnobirthing.


15 min pregnancy call