Why wait for your baby’s arrival to prepare for Motherhood?

Becoming Mum is a pregnancy wellbeing course to help keep your emotions and mental health in balance while moving through each trimester. The Becoming Mum pregnancy course helps to process the emotions that are present at each stage of pregnancy and build resilience as you prepare for motherhood.

Has your journey through pregnancy been smooth running? How are you feeling now?

Whatever that may be pregnancy wellbeing is at the very core of your journey. Your preparation plays a huge part in reaching your destination feeling prepared, with tools and strategies to support you.

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Emotions Emotions Emotions!

Your body is doing an incredible thing during pregnancy but what about your mind?   Becoming a mum is exciting but also a bit scary at times.  Perhaps you worry about how you will know what to do when your baby cries?  How will you cope with less sleep?  Maybe you have worries about feeding your baby or how your relationship will change?

Becoming Mum is a course that will help you learn about yourself, about your own stress response and how you process emotions.  The course will help you build new habits in pregnancy that will help ease you into parenthood and cope with the challenges of early parenting in the best way.

Together we will work through the transition from pregnancy into parenthood.

Using a variety of techniques and approaches I focus on your psychological wellbeing. I offer ideas and ask questions to help you build resilience. This will help you cope with and accept the challenges of your journey.  Each hour-long session will lead you to trust in your instincts and intuition, leaving you feeling positive and prepared for the rest of your journey.

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The Becoming Mum Pregnancy Wellbeing Course

4 x 1 hour sessions. £119 Weekday (£199 Weekend)

  • 1

    Session One – Nurture

    Why self-care is one of the most important investments for mental wellbeing. I will help you look at how to keep well through nights of broken sleep, how to prioritise your own health and well-being by eating well and resting when you can. We will look at these issues and the worries of late pregnancy and early motherhood.

  • 2

    Session Two – Emotions

    Feeling the highs and lows, vulnerability, and self-doubt. Understanding your baby’s cry and how to stay calm and grounded in stressful moments.

  • 3

    Session Three – Connections

    The connection with your baby and the power of oxytocin, the importance of support and dealing with feelings of isolation or disconnection.

  • 4

    Session Four – Transformation

    Processing the transition into motherhood, the birth experience, acceptance, happiness, intuition and instincts.


Becoming Mum is perfect in the 2nd trimester as an introduction to your Hypnobirthing course.

Book together and receive 10% discount off both courses.

If you are worried about your own or a loved one's mental health during pregnancy or after birth, there are charities that offer amazing support.  Please visit PANDAS to find out more about Perinatal and Postnatal Mental Health