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Do you think about how you will feel and cope beyond birth?

We focus so much on how to prepare for birth, how to feed and care for your new baby but what about how to care for yourself as a new parent?

Becoming a parent, each time, is a challenge. It is both emotional and mentally testing, requiring resilience and a great deal of support where perhaps there may not be any.

These Beyond Birth sessions look at ways mums can gently re-educate themselves about mental health, and introduce simple, effective ways to bring daily mental wellbeing practices into their lives to manage the challenges and importantly, bank the good times too.

5 Big Questions

In a UK survey called "5 Big Questions", conducted by The Duchess of Cambridge in 2020, findings stated that just 10% of parents took time for their own wellbeing when asked how they had prepared for the arrival of their baby. 

37% were concerned about the affects COVID-19 will have on their long-term mental wellbeing.

90% of people see parental mental health and wellbeing as being critical to a child’s development, but in reality, people do very little to prioritise themselves.


What is Mindful Parenting?

We know parental mental health affects infants and children at the formative years and so taking care to build emotional resilience and model that to our families can help long-term mental health in families.

Beyond Birth sessions are there to help you, as a new mum, learn how to support yourself when you are feeling most vulnerable. Learn how to navigate and explore the transformation of becoming a parent and easing the recovery.

6 x 1 hour sessions for Mum and Baby - £149 Weekdays Only.

Using universally known positive psychology, tips, tools and techniques along with relaxation, journaling prompts, affirmations, and audio meditations, the course walks you through some of the main issues that commonly arise, helping you to gain confidence and feel resilient to your emotional highs and lows.


The Beyond Birth Sessions are the perfect complement to your hypnobirthing course and can be booked together as a package.

  • Receive a 10% discount off both courses when booked together.