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Hello and congratulations!   You are probably here because you are starting to explore the world of hypnobirthing.  Perhaps you have read about the benefits or friends have shared their own experiences?  With so much out there it is hard to know how to get going, and so I would love to help you get started with hypnobirthing.


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Hypnotherapy and Antenatal Care

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Hypnobirthing Classes

Benefits for you and your birth partner

  • Feel safe and supported during pregnancy with 1:1 antenatal mentoring.

    • There is no such thing as a silly question when you are understanding your pregnancy and birth.

  • Learn tried and tested hypnobirthing techniques to support your labour and birth

    • The hypnobirthing techniques that I will teach you are proven to help you feel calm and in control during your labour.
    • Understand how we process pain and learn techniques to help you feel more comfortable. 

  • Make confident decisions at every stage with me at your side.

    • Sometimes life throws a curveball during pregnancy that can affect your birth choices.  I will help you navigate through your choices. 

  • Feel phyiscally and emotionally ready for labour and birth.

    • The relaxation and breathing techniques will help you feel in control of stress and anxiety through your pregnancy and into early parenthood.

  • Understand your pregnancy and birth with in-depth antenatal classes.

    • Your body is doing an incredible thing and this can sometimes  feel overwhelming.
    • I am here to share my knowledge and experience in easy to digest antenatal classes and support. 

Birthology | Leonie Darch | Warwick, Warwickshire

I am Leonie Darch and the founder of Birthology.  I have been supporting pregnancy and birth since 2011 and Birthology is my knowledge and experience from over 250 births.

What I have learnt is that understanding the physical process of birth is only half of the story.

Understanding the psychology of birth completes the picture and I have witnessed first-hand how the body will only work if the mind is working with it.

How you are thinking and feeling during your birth will play a huge part in what happens during your labour and how you remember the experience.

When I decided to become a Hypnobirthing Teacher it was really important to me to also train in Hypnotherapy.  My own Hypnobirthing Teacher was also a Hypnotherapist and it was a huge help when I was preparing for both my births to have that support.


Since I started teaching hypnobirthing in 2011 I have gone on to train in Mindfulness, Aromatherapy, as a Birth Doula, and Perinatal Mental Health.  This helps me to adapt your sessions to exactly what you and your birth partner need for your birth.  Most recently, I am currently a completing a BA Hons in Counselling at the University of Warwick.

Birthology | Hypnobirthing | Warwick, Warwickshire

Pregnancy is a complicated world isn’t it?

Maybe you have just discovered that you are pregnant and you have every emotion under the sun mixed in with new hormones and tiredness. You feel excited but it can also be a scary time as you approach your 12 week scan.

Or maybe you are in your 2nd trimester when suddenly everyone knows you are pregnant and everyone has a story to tell.  Your body and baby are changing rapidly. The amount of advice can feel overwhelming at times and knowing who to listen to, which books to read, which classes to attend is a confusing time.

Or perhaps you are heading into your 3rd trimester and you are much closer to the end of pregnancy than the beginning and that can only mean one thing.  Preparing yourself for birth and parenthood.

Many antenatal classes are focusing on the physical process of birth and what to expect.  It is an outdated, one size fits all approach.  At Birthology we have a unique approach combining evidence based birth science with emotional support.   No two births are the same and your antenatal support will reflect that.  You will feel confident and excited because you understand how to stay calm and in control of your labour and birth, the role of the birthing mind and how your body and baby can thrive.


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